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With a plethora of product launches and new social media trends coming up every day, the beauty industry is thriving on newness and innovation. While last year’s red- hot trends – gender-neutrality and sustainability are still holding strong, there are a number of newer beauty trends this year, all set to overturn the industry. We present below the 3 biggest beauty trends on radar for 2018, all set to turn the industry on its head!

Till a few years back, buying beauty products involved a rather simple exercise of going to the drugstore, picking up a product for your particular hair or skin type from the beauty shelf and that was about it. Those were simpler days. In this millennial era that we live in, customizable beauty products are the need of the hour. We live in times where as consumers we have an opinion about everything – from the ideal brewing temperature for our coffee to the consequences of adding an extra spoon of grain going into our food bowl and everything in between. Considering this, it is slightly surprising that we did not move beyond the standard beauty offerings to customizable ones any sooner. The idea of product customization is to offer customers a beauty product that is tailored to their requirement to the T. American brand, Function of Beauty is offering micro-customized shampoos and conditioners to suit their consumers’ individual requirements. Customers get to analyze their hair and scalp and create a formula specifically tailor-made for their needs, down to the last details including its color and fragrance. Moreover, each product comes in a stylish bottle imprinted with the consumers’ name. Talk about micro-customization! Not to mention, it makes for some fine Insta-bait, but more on that later.

Thanks to the advent of Augmented Reality (AR), in-store tech experiences have become quite mainstream in the beauty industry. A number of brands are now incorporating AR in their stores to offer a next-level customer experience. Not surprisingly, the ones that stand out from the crowd are those adapting to the ever-evolving technology and the latest innovations in this space. NYX is one such brand that has partnered with tech-giant Samsung to offer an in-store virtual reality experience to shoppers. Allowing them access to information about its products as well as offering beauty tutorials, NYX hopes this will help attract footfalls into brick-and-mortar stores, in this era of e-commerce domination.

Moving on, let’s rewind a few years back and think about how the idea of a beauty brand developing a packaging to attract ‘influencers’ sounds? Like an alien concept right! Well, hail the power of Social Media – today brands are spending enormous amount of resources to woo the Millennials and Gen Z through products that are not just high quality but also attractively packaged to evoke Instagram lust. With the launch of tons of new products every other day, when it comes to making a choice between similar-quality products, Influencers invariably choose the ones that look amazing on Instagram. Today beauty brands are waking up to the power of an Instagram-friendly packaging and making budgeting decisions favoring social media marketing over traditional marketing. Even the brands that previously followed traditional marketing tactics are now warming up to influencer marketing. With the looks of it, Influencer Marketing will only get bigger!


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