The Rise of Brand Personalization

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Ever wondered what is the one factor that enables the creation of a truly memorable brand experience? Is it a well-articulated purpose, a super smart logo or a leadership team that appreciates the importance of branding? More often than not, it is the interplay of all these elements and more. One element that is slowly becoming the need of the hour in the world of branding is personalization.

Over the last few years, with mass production and consumption rapidly becoming a thing of the past, personalization has become more prevalent in the business world than ever. Customers are increasingly expecting to put their fingerprint on the things they buy and the brands they like. Personalization is no more perceived as a luxury offering, rather a necessary tool for businesses to differentiate their offering from their competitors because consumers today expect it. According to a recent Epsilon research, 80% of customers are more likely to do business with a company that offers a personalized experience. This means that not only do customers expect personalization, they also value it. The brands that are winning at this game are those that are making their customers feel as though their products and services are made and designed especially for them. With a rise in one-to-one marketing tailor-made to engage consumers based on their preferences and interests, it’s a win-win situation for all. Who’s complaining?!

Harry’s Razors, a New York based brand delivers their handmade razors in vintage packaging resembling old boxes. One would wonder, why bother? They could just so easily go ahead with the regular, run-of the-mill razor packaging. They could but well, they sure know what they’re doing. Not only is their product packaging convenient, it also evokes an indulgent feeling in their customer, saying “I’m created just for you”. Recently, Nike ID has invited its customers to “create the only shoe your suitcase needs”, allowing them the luxury to design their own shoes and feel like a stylist and designer themselves. The brand is pulling this off while living up to its promise of inspiration and innovation at the same time. Netflix, already famous for its smart viewing recommendations, has gone one step further in its quest to personalize. They now have a strategy that also controls what artwork the subscribers see in the Netflix product catalogue. What they view is based on their previous actions, aimed at connecting them with their preferred content. Is that cool or what!

The whole idea of personalization is to offer customers a unique experience, something which lets them know that their wants and needs are understood and taken care of. Once you begin to treat personalization as an asset and offer consumers something your competitors cannot match, watch how your brand loyalty soars high. Because, like it or not, the one-size-fits-all solution no longer works!


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