Technology and its Impact on Food

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The advent of technology has long been taking the world by a storm, one innovation at a time. However, off late, technology has begun to infiltrate the kitchen and culinary world as well. Be it the invention of the microwave or the emergence of frozen foods, there are new kitchen innovations by consumer product companies, coming up every now and then. While the fundamentals of cooking have remained the same since decades, today there are spates of tools and platforms available revamping the way people perceive food. Clever innovations such as voice assistants and guided cooking tools are all playing a role in this huge food evolution. The way we see it, next-generation ingredients, novel technology-led cooking methods and appliances are on their way towards creating a rapidly shift in what we eat and how we cook it.
Let’s talk about home cooking for instance. Considering the number of options when it comes to getting our meals in place – instant food delivery, meal kits etc, one would think home cooking is on the verge of extinction.

Far from that, this is the reason it transition from being perceived as a chore to more of a lifestyle choice. Especially for those with a passion for the culinary arts, it will evolve into a leisure activity that brings people together and helps them de-stress – like camping.
One of the most exciting ways we see technology transforming food is the change in the way people talk about it and cook it. Technology has enabled a whole new dimension of Food Globalization. These are truly fulfilling times for true blue food connoisseurs and those with a real passion for cooking. At the click of a button, one can access a video of some traditional dumpling soup made in China and try it for themselves. Or learn how to make authentic English Trifle Pudding by discovering a recipe by a British Chef!
Today technology is bringing the world closer, making us more knowledgeable and confident and our lives easier. Specifically when it comes to food, this is inching us towards convenience, speed and personalization. So long as it results in making our busy lives easier, what’s the harm?!


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