DATE: 10/2016
BRIEF: Revamp the haircare line of the brand.
LABELS: Haircare, FIN, Berner
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Nature wisdom for your hair

XZ, a traditional finish brand, leader of the market of shampoos (with more world consumption per capita), wanted to modernize its image without losing its characteristic inheritance.

From Pointbleu Design, we did an accurate analysis of market and consumer trends. Strengthening the positioning of the brand, getting to know its nature and build its new image was our main goal.

First, we segmented the offer with a Classic range and Men range.

The classic range, which is the pillar, holds a central position in the XZ identity. Furthermore, it is reinforced by a brand key transversal and a golden lock that reminds the experience and quality of the Brand.

The ingredients are also shown to optimize differentiation. Likewise, we worked on the pearly white packaging making it softer and more attractive to the final consumer.

Ultimately, our new contemporary and elegant design brings a renewed image to the Brand and has a good acceptation in his feminine target.