Vallilan Paahtimo

DATE: 09/2020
BRIEF: Create the new Vallilan Paahtimo coffee range
LABELS: FIN · Packaging · Coffee
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Artistic flavour

Meira, a successful Finnish coffee roastery has developed a new line of premium and sustainable coffee under the name “Vallilan Paahtimo”. This new brand is a tribute to one of the most modern and artistic districts of Helsinki, Vallila, where Meira has roasted Coffee from the 1919´s. Pure organic, certified and 100% arabica coffee designed for all those consumers who are looking for new and authentic flavours, for which quality and sustainability are important factors. Vallila´s roastery coffees take sustainability seriously; they are organic, certified, the packaging material is aluminium free and bio-PE with a 45% decreased carbon footprint and support a children´s education project In Honduras.

Under the brand essence “Artistic expertise roasted for the better”, the main objective of the brand is to make known the work and expertise of Vallila’s coffee roastery that has roasted quality coffee for the finnish consumers in Vallila, Helsinki since 1919.



For the design of the packaging, we have been inspired by the select origins of coffee, creating a postal stamp and the illusion of a passport as an expression of the journey of coffee from its country of origin to the cups of consumers. For the choice of colour, we have opted for a craft to honour the sustainable and select production of coffee, which elevates this brand to a Premium platform. Meanwhile, the logo design capitalizes on the iconic Meira brand building, which is located right in the Vallila district, reinforcing its historic reputation with the famous roastery in order to reach an international audience and also, speak to the locals in Vallila area.