DATE: 03/2016
BRIEF: Shams new rebranding.
LABELS: Oil, ARB, Savola Group
Packaging · Branding · 


Saudi Arabia is one of the main countries in the world with a high rate of sunflower oil consumption. In that context Shams wanted to stand out from other brands in the same category creating a very own and unique design that reflected its personality as well as the main benefit of the product: light on stomach.
To accomplish this objective, we decided to work on a completely new creation going from an anonymous design to a modern, iconic and impactful brand image.

For this purpose we created a new icon for the brand that represents the lightness of the product; an elegant butterfly that flies above the new Sham’s logo, now more stylish and beautifully modern. Keeping the colour codes typical of this category, we also added more value and quality to the brand design with a combination of mats, varnish and gold finishing.
The agency also worked on the arabization of the design, hand-drawing the Arabic calligraphy in order to create a perfect match between both languages.