Saarioinen Casseroles

DATE: 12/2016
BRIEF: Uplift Saarioinen logo and packaging
LABELS: Packaging, FIN, Saarioinen
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The food is ready

Finland, where half of the population consumes ready-to-eat products every week, has Saarioinen as the market leader.
After 60 years, the pioneer brand in launching traditional and creative recipes asked us to participate in the redesign of its most classic line: the Casseroles. To do so, we focused on getting to know the story behind the brand as well as its consumer’s preferences.

Inspired by their care for tradition and the quality of its ingredients, we recreated that delicious moment of a fresh dish out of the oven to create a strong, transversal and tremendously appetizing image that will be the axis in which the rest of varieties will be supported.

The foremost challenge of this creation was the very little space we had on the front pack, which had to contain all the nutritional information, besides the variety name. Thus, thanks to the vertical ribbon wrapped around the casserole we created, the customer can now easily see the name and ingredients of the product in addition to its real appearance.
We completed the classic range with the Veggie varieties, following the same structure. The central red ribbon changes to beige along with a white wooden background and fresh ingredients to emphasize the naturalness and quality of the products.