Saarioinen Soups

DATE: 12-17
BRIEF: Renew the Saarioinen Soup
LABELS: Ready Meals, FIN, Saarioinen
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Bon appétit!

After working on the casserole range for Saarioinen, our collaboration with this leading Finnish Group has continued growing, leading us to work together again in new projects. Hence, we were recently involved on the new image of Saarioinen’s Soups.

Our ambition was to make a more qualitative and contemporary design while being aligned with the new Saarioinen’s brand platform.

Having the portfolio segmentation in mind, we created a different universe for each of the products ranges. This way the Classic, Vegetarian, Restaurant and International Flavours lines would have their very own personality.

From a design perspective, we came up with a transversal structure to keep consistency through all the range and being truly impactful on the shelf. Yet, the different characteristics of each of the ranges bring diversity and colour to the whole portfolio.

The product visuals and the ingredient images become particularly important on the design these being a representation of the deliciousness and goodness of the soups.

To make the overall design more qualitative, a photoshoot was made under the art direction of the agency.

Natural, fresh and tasty, Saarioinen’s new soup ranges are now on the market to delight the Finnish families.