Saarioinen Pizzas

DATE: 08/2019
BRIEF: Packaging design for new pizza portafolio
LABELS: Pizza, Saarioinen, FIN

Passion for the detail

 Saarioinen Pizzas are the newest delicious and fresh baked pizza alternative. In the 90’s Saarioinen was the first brand to introduce ready to eat pizza in Finland, but its product has been losing market share vs. growing competition more qualitative and convenient, especially the frozen pizza. To reaffirm its leadership on the category, we helped Saarioinen to innovate. For this process, we presented our client a trend report including the latest consumer profiling and a huge market analysis across 5 different markets. Inspired by this report, Saarioinen decided to target the savvy consumers: a specific consumer group, seeking for qualitative and authentic products even if they are more expensive.

Inspired by this insight, Saarioinen decided to create a new pizza range. A pizza like no other because the dough has stood for one night and stretched until it gets airy and ensure its crunchiness in every slice. To connect with this target, we created a pack that is basically a love letter to all pizza lovers. We called this fresh new pizza range “Dear Pizza” where in the front of the pack you can read all the goodness that is inside of each unique pizza. Using traditional codes such as a chalkboard, generous hand-written typefaces and the zenithal point of view, consistent with all Saarioinen portfolio, this new range is an authentic tribute to pizza lovers.