Saarioinen Kids

DATE: 01/2020
BRIEF: Packaging design for new Saarioinen Kids
LABELS: Packaging Design · Ready Meals · Kids

Made for kids by kids

Finland is a country with a high precooked meals consumption, and this is all because Finnish people are really keen on spending quality time with their family. Recently, Saarioinen sensed the need to create dishes not only for adults, but also for a new target named “tweens”. These children, aged 7 to 12, have an independent and mature life. Because of their schedules, tweens are home alone when coming back from school because their parents are still working. Therefore, they are the ones heating their food before dealing with extra-curricular activities. As a consequence, we are facing a generation which, from an early age, has to manage and cook for itself without the help of its parents.

For the launch of this range, which was intended to reach both children and their parents, we are working under the brand essence “Joyful betterment”, combining pleasure and nutrition. To do so, we have illustrated a world full of flavours and colours where children are the protagonists of their own story in a clear, easy and fun way. Respectively, children can follow the instructions to heat their own food and, parents find all the information that guarantees healthy diet.