Saarioinen Balanssi

DATE: 07/2018
BRIEF: Create the new image for Balanssi brand
LABELS: Ready Meals, FIN, Saarioinen
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Eating good

Saarioinen, leader brand in the ready meal Finnish market, launched Balanssi 5 years ago; a premium range that combines both traditional and modern recipes.
However, despite of the great taste of the product, consumers did not understand why there is a price difference between this premium range and other Saarioinen lines that are more basic. Thus, the Marketing team decided to work on the repositioning of the product to emphasize its main benefit: it contains half of the daily intake of vegetables, which are cooked in a way so that they keep all its attributes.
Considering this new positioning, we defined the brand essence under the concept ‘Eating Good’; because thanks to Balanssi eating healthy while enjoying your meal it’s very easy.

To highlight the brand know-how to select and combine different flavours, we gave the design a natural feeling through the beauty of the root vegetables and the rest of the ingredients. The vivid colour of the mango, the salmon and the kale when contrasted with the black clay, reinforce the freshness and deliciousness of the product.
Furthermore, the usage of the different typefaces creates a visual rhythm that gives an elegant touch to the pack specially designed for foodies and perfect to share on Instagram.