DATE: 08/2018
BRIEF: Create the new image for Pandoo's design
LABELS: MAR, packaging, Novatis
Packaging · Branding · 

So soft you will hug it

Pandoo was born to bring a qualitative hygienic paper to Middle-East and the North African markets. Its promise is to bring a soft gentle touch in every use thanks to it premium raw materials and its innovative Triplex technology.

To represent this benefit, we created a soft universe where a Panda was our muse. Nap lovers, pandas fancy comfort and softness above all. Any silky or cushy surface is an excuse to take long hours of rest and drowsiness.

So with a cute panda in mind we created Pandoo: our mascot that represents the sweatiest and laziest Panda as you can imagine.

To define its super fluffy shape and flurry fur, we worked from illustrations and a 3D panda allowing Pandoo to pose in a Hammack or hugging a paper roll.

The softness and quality of our brand is also highlighted with a delicate green emerald silky texture, combined with fine copper areas.

It is good to be Pandoo.