DATE: 12/2018
BRIEF: New rebranding for a classic toothpaste in Finland
LABELS: FIN, packaging, Berner
Packaging · Branding · 

Who said that brushing your teeth is boring?

Hard to make your place on shelves, in a category where consumers habits and codes are strongly established.

Here is Oxygenol challenges, Finnish toothpaste brand and local challenger of international blog buster of tooth cleaning.

The brand wishes to boost its image and explore new opportunities.

There must be something different to be done with so much time spent in front of mirror washing teeth? More indulgent? Less boring?

Richer in xylitol but, now, with new flavors “tropical” and “cookie & cream”.

The scene is set to make of Oxygenol an innovative brand ensuring teeth witheness and a different experience.

A duality we also created on pack with a bold strong expert logo, contrasted with playful oxygenated background and illustrated cartoon favors.