DATE: 05/2015
BRIEF: Create the new corporate image of Orvi.
LABELS: services, SLO, Orvi
Digital · Branding · 


Orvi, a leader human capital consultancy, has the strong believe employees are what make business succeed. With that in mind, this organization has a unique method to evaluate the economic impact employees’ satisfaction and happiness has on a company.
Being a truly interesting tool for managers and HR teams of any enterprise, ORVI trusted Pointbleu to

design its brand in an attractive but simple way so companies could fully understand the benefits of using this service: Growing, Human capital and Interactivity.
These three elements were united to create a clear, simple and legible image type, which also resembles a tree, Orvi’s former logo. Green was the perfect brand colour for the brand representing creativity, growing and technology whereas its combination with white helps to emphasize all these attributes.