DATE: 12/2018
BRIEF: Create the brand strategy for Telekom Slovenije
LABELS: Telecom, SLO, Telekom

An endless world of opportunites

In a telecom world dominated by OTTs, traditional telecoms see their business model threatened. By renting their infrastructures to other companies such as Google, Amazon or Netflix to offer services better adapted to the evolution of their subscribers, limits them to a role of a private label without real added value. To cope with this negative trend, Telekom Slovenije wanted to step ahead by offering its clients a new platform of associated services to simplify their daily life. As a strategy and branding agency, we were involved in the conceptualization of the services and the creation of the brand platform for this ambitious project called NEO. With NEO TV is not just a media to view content, but a portal to access, via voice control, an unlimited source of services.

In its first version, the subscriber will be able to control his TV, his home, play online or go shopping using the sound of his voice. Thanks to AI technology, NEO gets to learn its user to suggest goods to buy, content to watch or give advice on energy consumption. “Inspiring Simplicity” is the perfect brand essence which resumes the stakes of this complex project and is reflected in the brand identity inspired of a beam of light connecting letters and shaping the infinite sign, as the infinity of services NEO offers. Once the philosophy, the naming and the graphic ecosystem of the brand created, we acted as “brand guardian” to ensure all NEO supports get inspired with simplicity. We created concepts and followed the development for the UI/UX, the industrial design of the eight buttons remote control or the ultra-minimal STB. NEO opens a new way to interact with IA and ease our daily life.