DATE: 12/2016
BRIEF: Rebranding and new creation of a subrand
LABELS: Confectionary, ESL, Gorenjka

Addicted to you

Gorenjka is a famous brand of Slovenia known for its hazelnut chocolate. A few months ago, the brand decided to renew the image of its premium dark chocolate Mistica. Founded in 1922 Mistica has always been recognised for its fine recipes made with the highest quality ingredients.

Since its last rebranding in 2007, Mistica centered its image in romanticism, tradition and a passion for things well done. An image which, after 10 years, the brand wanted to evolve in order to offer more healthy recipes. They did do with the same standards through their new products Mistica Classic and a new brand called Mistica Wellness.

For Mistica Classic uplight, we pushed the tradition into a more modern, attractive and up-to-date design. Elements that enhanced the importance of the ingredients

were given more significance, it became the most important part of the packaging. These ingredients are outlined with a embossing effect that reminds us of the work from an old goldsmith.

The rose is now part of an elegant pattern that changes depending on each variety of chocolate. While Mistica’s logo is stylish and imitates the signature of a grand chocolatier whose labor and discipline produces the most creative recipes, which he then preciously records in golden ink.

For its Wellness version, with more exotic ingredients such as Goji berries or Matcha powder, we decided to use a more smooth and natural color that illuminates our flavor photographs.That also helps us distinguish the product from the classic line as being more mysterious and elegant.