DATE: 04/2017
BRIEF: Create the new brand for feminine packs
LABELS: Feminine care, MAR, Novatis
Packaging · Branding · 

A secret between us

Novatis, leader in the cellulose market, wanted to launch a brand for feminine hygiene products that was modern, distinctive and would appeal directly to a young target. For this reason, they entrusted us with the task of naming and designing the packaging for the product.
Since we are talking about a sensitive market, we ran a workshop with the client to understand the habits and customs of Moroccan girls. The conclusions surprised us because we learnt that in Morocco buying feminine pads could be a source of embarrassment and women do not tend to buy them. In fact, 80% of Moroccan women use diapers instead of pads, presenting us with two goals to achieve:
• How can we help women choose the pad that suits them better?
• How can we design a pack that women will be comfortable with

Regarding the naming, we opted to present a wording that could be understood as a woman’s name MIA but also had a hidden meaning “mine” in Spanish: A friend to count on those days you are more sensitive and you need to feel theconfident . and secure.
In terms of visual identity, we took fashion as the main driver to create the packaging. A colored belt combined with the intensity of the background helps users to choose the pad that is right for them.,. We also included motivational quotes such as “It’s more fun when you are yourself” and others, to give an extra dose of confidence to our consumers.
On this basis, we hope we helped Moroccan women to find confidence with an innovative packaging design that stands out and embraces femininity.