MG Spirit

DATE: 02/2019
BRIEF: Create the new image on the digital world for MG Spirit.
LABELS: SPA · Digital · Spirits
Digital · Branding · 

Welcome to a new world full of flavor

MG Spirit is the ready-to-drink beverages range produced by MG Destilerias. Through the brand essence: finding what you love the most, MG Spirit wants to appeal young consumers all over the world to discover their wide variety of flavourish and accessible cocktails until they find one they really like.

To reach this target, we developed the digital brand strategy for MG Spirit with the main goal of generate brand experience through creative visual content on their digital channels.

A new website was designed to communicate indulgence and good moments with MG Spirit as a protagonist. In order to develop this concept visually, we did two different photoshoots, one for the product portfolio and another one portraying moments of consumption.

Under the concept All about the gram moment, we conceived the social media strategy for MG Spirit’s Instagram account. The project transmits stories inspired in big event all around the year. Starting with the before and after summer vacation, linking amazing experiences with the delightful taste of their ready-to-drink cocktails.

To achieve this, we organized another photoshooting to deploy our social media strategy for Instagram. Our goal was to improve the brand’s first contact with costumers, while serving as an image bank for other MG Spirit accounts around the world.