MG le tribute Catalogue

DATE: 08/2017
BRIEF: Create the new liftlet for Le Tribute
LABELS: Spirits, SPA, MG Destilerías
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Le tribute

Le Tribute is a Brand from MG Destilerías that mixes Tradition and innovation to create unique liquors in a perfect balance. Their tonic is elaborated with Loja’s quinine from Ecuador, where it is originally from.

Their gin, distilled dropwise helps to add more freshness than any other and their Mezcal is simply unique.

To help explain the singularities of their tonic, we created a leaflet where it is represented the essence and personality from the brand “old but new”.

In terms of design, we combined copper-tone images like the details in this metal included this label, in addition to the botanicals that reminds us the corporate image that we created in MG Website.

Altogether, creates a very elegant, modern but vintage image is the equal of their Tonic.