MG Grupo Inmobiliario

DATE: 29.05.2019
BRIEF: Website redesign
LABELS: Real State, BCN, MG Grupo Inmobiliario
Digital · 

Exclusive in Barcelona

MG Grupo Inmobiliario is one of the top real state agencies in Barcelona popular for their wide offer of exclusive and luxurious properties. In a market filled with many real state agencies, our client asked us to help them communicate their differential factor through their corporate website: exclusivity and professionalism. In order to achieve this, we decided to replicate MG Grupo Inmobiliario’s vision of adding urbanistic and architectonic value to the city and their clients through the website frameworks,

focusing more on the real assets of the property rather than complementary information. Inspired on their corporate colors, we redesigned their website keeping in mind the company core values: professionalism, exclusivity and compromise, resulting in a modern, elegant and attractive website design for MG Grupo Inmobiliario.