DATE: 1/2016
BRIEF: Uplift current Major's image
LABELS: ALG, Packaging
Packaging · 

Creaminess temptation

Major is an iconic biscuits brand in the Algerian market. However, its previous design was obsolete and no longer reflected the quality and tastiness of the product. To solve this problem the brand asked us to work on the uplift of its pack.
We created a more modern design, keeping the main colours of the brand but making them more lively and visible so that it was more appealing to consumers. We also worked on the logo and made it more fresh and attractive.

For the visual on the pack, we made a mouth-watering cookie that depict the tastiness of the cookie and the creaminess of its filling.
The new image was adapted to the whole range of products, adapting the colours of each of the flavours but making the design consistent through all the brand variety.