DATE: 05/2018
BRIEF: Create the new Kiri lait.
LABELS: packaging, MAR, Groupe Bel
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Naturally Kiri

Stretching is difficult and maybe a painful exercise, especially if for years you remain in a similar position. Iconic brand with a worldwide presence Kiri is the leader of the portion cheese segment with a very limited product portfolio.
Following a recent major acquisition in Morocco, Bel group wanted to test the potential of Kiri to stretch into new dairy categories with a pilot project in Morocco, 2nd biggest market for Kiri worldwide.
Defining a clear strategic path and story to legitimate this mono-product to become an umbrella brand we worked on the Kiri Lover platform and created the new parameter.
How not be perceived as milk of Kiri but Kiri’s milk? How to remain Kiri? Which element to keep? All these burning questions were as many challenges we had to analyze carefully to provide the right answer.

The Kiri Lover platform was born. Characterised by its meadow and its environment which support and represent the Kiri know how and expertise in creating the best raw material and texture for dairy products. This meadow is now the endorser and ambassador of our stretching exercise.
Once this strategic background defined, we started working on the basic of the dairy category with the first Kiri whole fat UHL milk. The meadow is integrated as main protagonist to represent the “Kiriness” and the brand’s know how in texture is depicted by an indulgent milk pouring in the first plan.
To support this new launch, Bel management also trust in Pointbleu to develop the campaign and its global graphic ecosystem from KV, POS creation, truck and more supports.
A major project which will allow Kiri to jump in new categories.