Kiri Yogurt

DATE: 02/2019
BRIEF: Create the new Kiri Yogurt
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La crème de la crème of yogurts

After successfully introducing Kiri’s milk range into the Moroccan market, we started working on the creation of the yogurt range, heart and soul of Kiri stretching project.

Inspired by its brand platform, “Le plaisir vrai de la nature”, design comes almost as an evidence.

The biggest challenge for this project was to establish the right balance between the brand’s cues support of the iconic “Kiriness” and yogurt category codes: indulgence, texture and freshness.

Packaging design had to be different enough from the competition thus we created four specific yogurt ranges: Ferme, Brassé, Nature and Duo (an innovation for the Moroccan market). Actually to insist on the Duo premium innovation we deviate a little from our genuine Kiriness to insist on this product uniqueness.

In addition to the packaging, we created the out-of-pack ecosystem to relay the brand platform of this new range and potentiate the product launch to the market. Our key visual pictures the iconic yogurt laying down in the meadow, surrounded by nature. Simple, aesthetic and pure: perfectly capturing the essence of our new range.

With this new platform of product, Kiri revolutionates its portfolio and Moroccan shelves where the “vrai Plaisir de la nature” becomes indulgent and varies according to the desire of each Moroccan families, who truly believe that a good nutrition equals wellbeing.