DATE: 05/2018
BRIEF: Create the new corporate identity for IZI
LABELS: Telecom, SLO, Telekom Sovenije
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For the Practical People

Telekom Slovenjie, the telecom from Slovenia, wanted to cover a wider spectrum of services with a new Brand that offered a better service for a fair price. In this sense, they acquired IZI: a simple, fun and a little bit old-fashioned brand that had an excellent brand recall. For the relaunch of the brand, they were looking for something strong, fun and iconic that was relevant for the target in terms of notoriety but relevant for daily consumers’ live.

In a world saturated by telecoms where is easy get lost in the middle of so many offers, fees, contracts, penalties and surprises in the bill at the end of the month, IZI is the alternative for the practical people that wants something easy that works. For instance, IZI logo becomes more than a wing to be the link between people, helping them to communicate in an easy and fun way. Since simple doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless, color has here its main alibi. Red for a warm, passionate and straight-forward logo and RGB colors for a fun, varied and cheerful brand. The pictures are clean, with target in casual poses making a simple, straight-forward and strong message.