DATE: 06/2015
BRIEF: Create the new code for Herbina Face Care Products.
LABELS: Face care, FIN, Berner
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Herbina, a Finnish cosmetic brand renowned for its natural products, created a new facial care range: Energy Boost –enriched with vitamin C– and Moisture dream – made with rose water. Before launching these new products, the brand detected that the main driver for the facial care category is the benefit of the product instead of the ingredient it is made of.
This supposed a real challenge for Herbina, which has always emphasized on the aroma of its natural ingredients. So, how to recreate the natural universe of the brand capitalizing on an intangible benefit this time?

Building on the brand platform we previously created for Herbina, Naturally beautiful, and the brand values such as softness, tenderness and naturalness, we recreated a herbal universe composed by a delicate hand made ribbon of an authentic Finnish style.The blue, pink and purple colours depict the sweetness and freshness of rose water while yellow, red, green and orange reflect the verve and vitality of vitamin C.For this project, we also worked on the industrial design of the 200ml bottle. It’s generous and sensual curves creates an organic and natural shape and the details on the shoulder of the bottle reminds the Herbina logotype.