DATE: 02/2016
BRIEF: Revamp the body and haircare lines of the brand.
LABELS: Cosmetics, FIN, Client
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Natural poetry for your body

Herbina, a Finnish brand specialized on natural body care products, decided to increase its body care products portfolio and launched a new Spa range: Mango and Aqua. Coinciding with this new launch, the brand also wanted to renovate the hair care line with two new varieties: Volume effect, made with green berries extract, and Shiny effect, which benefits from the red berries extract.

Our main job in this project was ensuring the identity we previously created for Face Care was consistent through all the range of products. We adapted it to new formats and upgraded the importance of the ingredients by creating unique watercolour elements that represented them.

Mango and its shiny colours are then combined with blue drops and waves that remind the nature and the sea. On Aqua, the water spring transmits as well the calm of the ocean.
For the Haircare range we focused more on the benefit of the product rather than the ingredients and their aromas. Therefore, for the Volume variety we illustrated a unique hot-air balloon and created a bright diamond for the Shiny one. To give it a more technical effect, we combined metallic inks with watercolours keeping the iconic graphic elements that make the Herbina identity unique, such as the colour waves, drops and glows.