Saarioinen meal bowls

DATE: 08/2020
BRIEF: Create the new image for Saarioinen Ready Meal bowls
LABELS: FIN · Packaging · Ready Meals
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Good for your eyes and your stomach!

After a market research, Saarioinen the leading brand in the Finnish ready-meals market, decided to restyle its famous meal salads to target a more masculine audience looking for delicious and satiating recipes for all kinds of occasions. Therefore, the challenge was to evoque the satiating feeling of these meal salads and differentiating them from the rest of Ready Meals product since this range has more calories.

Under the brand essence “Fulfilling cravings”, the restyling focuses the eye on the delicious comfort food recipes with a mouth-watering indulgent visual. The flavour is also represented by a bold typography high contrasted on a black background. This effect helps the brand to maximize its presence on the store shelves especially when you are hungry and all you want is a fulfilling dish made of your favourite recipes ready to be enjoyed!