DATE: 10/2017
BRIEF: Create the new corporate identity for Delitalo
LABELS: Ready Meals, FIN, Saarioinen
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The house of flavours

In a market where 40% of consumers chooses eat ready meals at least once in a week, supermarkets have to not only sell a good and fresh product but also cooking them.
Saarioinen, Finnish market leader for ready meals, sow the opportunity to share their expertise with these supermarkets through Delitalo (the house of flavors in Finnish). This new B2B brand offers them:
– A wide catalogue of fresh ready meals
– Retailer’s advising
– Seller’s training
With the aim to help these retailers to attract, foster loyalty and increase their costumer’s sales to target more and more demanding.

After a world wide market research from similar business models than Delitalo, we detected that their success lays on what is called “eatertaiment”. This concept can be expressed as the capacity to surprise the consumer through innovative recipes and a fine mis-en-scene. Examples of this are Whole Foods, Dean and Delucca o La Grande Epicerie Paris, that transport us to a qualitative and indulgent world.
In this case, the corporate identity of Delitalo is a reminiscence of those old little gourmet shops where the owner knew what his clients wanted even before they spoke.
The different supports where the brand is present combines the lines of the shade’s canopies from the old shops in different brilliant colors, to help consumers identify Delitalo’s products all along the market.