DATE: 09/2019
BRIEF: Develop new 3D-Renders for Dalaa’s mascot
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Daloo's timeless care

Mothers are looking for brands that genuinely care for their children as much as they do. This is why Dalaa has become the most preferred companion and care provider among Moroccan mothers (and babies). Inspired by Dalaa’s positioning, “Timeless moments of love”, the brand transmits the tenderness, softness and care that characterises every mom and baby relationship.

To reinforce these values, we redesigned Daloo, Dalaa’s mascot, from scratch. For starters, we molded the green-fluffy teddy bear structure into new striking poses, as well as vibrant face expressions, that could visually transmit Daloo’s personality.

We gave special care to Daloo’s fur by tailoring every small detail. From the light to the fur movement, no detail was left aside. Our main challenge was to render a realistic and pleasing 3D Design, allowing Daloo to continue sharing its love to all Moroccan families.