DATE: 03/2018
BRIEF: New redesign for Dalaa Dipers brand
LABELS: Baby care, MAR, Novatis Group

Timeless Moments of Love

Dalaa, leading brand from the baby care segment, is the reference for Moroccan moms.
With the mission and ambition to make accessible the best of the «diaper technology» to all and especially the C and D classes, Dalaa was, wrongly, tagged as a low-cost brand and wanted to change this perception. Building on a new emotional positioning: “timeless moments of love” and iconic brand cues, such as color and mascot, we created a new graphic style and segmentation system to integrate the pants innovation.

Inspired by the mascot we designed a brand block more impactful and structured the packaging around. The logo was lifted to soften the brand. And a big focus was given to the baby visuals, for which the agency creative direction on the entire shooting process (casting, shooting, retouching) allowed us to reinforce visual coherency and give the new Dalaa all the needed emotion. This ambitious project also included backsheet new design, new renders for the mascot and much more things.