Eväs On The Go

DATE: 03/2020
BRIEF: New image for Eväs
LABELS: Ready meals · Packaging Design

The perfect meal for cravings

Eväs, that literally means “on the go” in Finnish, is a Saarioinen cold ready to eat range.

This category leader – which includes a wide portfolio ranges such as sandwiches, wraps, all kinds of salads and more – wanted to boost its image to cope with the demands of quality and movement of their consumers.

Urban, functional and fresh, Eväs new design carries the promise of a good meal alternative for those who haven’t a time or skills to cook a delicious Tupperware.

Now you can enjoy both, cold salads for warm days or those who prefer a light meal and the black family for more fulfilling recipes that can be both enjoyed warm or cold.  Because life is full of flavor, enjoy it!