DATE: 01/2018
BRIEF: Rebrand one of the most famous beverages in the Balcans
LABELS: Beverages, SLO, Atlantic Grupa
AWARDS: Bronze Best Awards 2020 - SPAIN

Legendary taste

Leading brand of the beverage industry, Cockta is an icon of the Balkan’s lifestyle. Unique mix of 11 herbs our beverage is a signature, a legendary blend.
During the past years, its uniqueness has been diluted with cola’s category cues and our new design aim to be a tribute to the original Cockta, born in the 50s.
Based on a new brand positioning “positively different” we capitalize on the recipe and its rose-hip taste to create the new bottle and graphic designs.

The label and brand block, shaped as a rose-hip, give life to our blend, while graphically the combination of the new brand logo and color coding mark the tribute to the original Cockta and the 50s.

The industrial design also refers to our taste. The slender silhouette of the bottle is magnified by a neckless shaped as rose-hip and used as a transition between the longneck and the body delicately texturized. This iconic structural effect was later leverage to create the glass, kind of upside down version of the bottle.
In rupture with its previous design, the new Cockta will be the blue attraction on Balkan’s shelves.