Cockta Free

DATE: 08.05.2019
BRIEF: Design packaging for new beverages
LABELS: Beverages, SLO, Atlantic Groupa

Do your own thing

Cockta wants to inspire their consumers to experience life without compromises and decided to lunch their sugar free version of their legendary beverage, but with the same incredible taste. The project consisted on creating the identity for Cockta’s newest drink and naming by keeping consistency with the brand essence “Positively different” and its new design. In regards with its naming, we decided to give a positively meaning to the “zero sugar” concept by switching it to “free”: Cockta Free.

Following the freedom of choice, why we decided to go for a white label, representing the honesty, of the product and transparent letters that let you see all the flavor that the new Cockta Free has insight.All in all, the New Cockta FREE design gives the power to their consumers to let them enjoy the original recipe without any remorse or second thoughts.