DATE: 06/2015
BRIEF: Rebranding of one of the most iconic brands of East Europe.
LABELS: Beverages, CRO, Cedevita
Animation · Digital · Packaging · Branding · Activation · 

who i really am?

This is how middle life crisis work… you reach a moment in your life when you can’t stop wonder who you really are and if you are actually living your life as you thought you would. Cedevita had his middle age crisis too. This product, a soluble drink with a high content of vitamins, has been one of the most popular soft drinks in the Region of the Balkans for more than 40 years. However, they recently wondered : ’are we really just a refreshing beverage?’
It’s exclusive powder composition allows for keeping its 9 vitamins fully fresh, which disolved in water, gives you an extra energy and a positive attitude to deal with your day to day duties.
The new Cedevita pack emphasize its revitalizing effect and reflects this ‘Orange Attitude’ thanks to the Cedevita glasses image.

The Cedevita glasses have been in all croatian bars and restaurants for many years and we wanted to bring them to life giving them its own personality, represented with their different accessories. 5 flavours, 5 personalities, 5 fun characters.
This colourful and eye catching pack, full of optimism, vitality and energy, also gives information about the benefits of the products on an easy and funny way. But there’s more! This Orange Attitude isn’t limited to the new Cedevita pack. The agency has also worked on furniture design, glasses collections, branded vans, POS displays and even a full integrated campaign, which included outdoors and TV.