DATE: 07/2015
BRIEF: Create Cedevita new POS material
LABELS: Retail, CRO, Cedevita
Packaging · Branding · Activation · 

Bringing Cedevita to Life

After redesigning the new Cedevita pack, we were also responsible for working on all the POS material in order to ensure this was up to the creative standards of the new image of the brand, which focus on the glass characters and their accessories. Sunglasses, moustaches and headphones were used on the design of sofas, chairs and lamps to create a fun and cheerful atmosphere in all the city bars and cafés.

The Cedevitos were also taken out from the pack and brought into the supermarket ales, where they give colour to a whole range of POS stands and displays. We created as well a limited edition of glasses decorated with fun comic designs, cheerful quotes and bright colours that consumers are now able to collect. Great news for all Cedevita lovers!