DATE: 06/2015
BRIEF: Revamp the Cedevita On the Go bottle.
LABELS: CRO, Beverages
Packaging · Branding · 


After working on the rebranding for Cedevita, leader soft drink in the Balkans region, Point Bleu also created a new design for its ‘On the go’ (OTG) version. This product unique technology allows to mix the powder with water instantly by just untwist the cap of the bottle. That way, vitamins are then kept fresh up to the very time to drink it.

The objective of this project was to create a graphic link between the FMCG Cedevita pack and the OTG, this one being more functional. For this purpose we used the claim ‘Fresh dose of 9 vitamins’ and also capitalized on the more rational graphic elements on the pack so the main benefits of the product were highlighted on a colourful way. This new redesign helped Cedevita OTG stand out within the multivitamins drinks category and it has drive the brand internationally throughout different countries such as Spain, Austria and Italy.