Calin Comfort Dry

DATE: 03/2020
BRIEF: New image for Calin Comfort Dry

With Calin, everything is fine

In Moroco, Calin Diapers brand is one of the most trusted brands for mothers who care about the well-being of their children. Following up on its commitment to offer internationally innovative products at local prices, Novatis decided to expand the Calin Diaper range with Comfort Dry technology.

This super range has a higher absorption power than the rest so that babies are dry for much more time. In addition, they have elastics bands that keep the diaper in place, even for the most excited babies. Finally, its soft texture makes Calin a true caress to protect the most sensitive skins.

With these 3 differential benefits, the Brand essence was clear: “With a Calin, everything goes well” and that is how the brand’s design becomes an “L” that gently embraces the “i”, comforting her when she needs it.

In Calin, the bond between mother and child is the most important since, thanks to their affection, their little ones grow up confident to eat the world. When diapers are usually starred by babies, in Calin it is the affection between mother and son that takes on a leading role, leaving both the brand and more rational information in the background.

Thinking about them, we created large and colourful number that help to quickly identify each pack, marking both size and weight and the “Zero Leaks” technology so that your baby is always dry and happy.

In a nutshell, Calin is an emotional and fun brand that contrasts with a pack and a more natural and relaxed acting that inspires love on all four sides.