DATE: 08/2017
BRIEF: Create the new corporate identity for Bizmedia
LABELS: Services, SPA, Bizmedia
Branding · 

Connecting interests

Social media agency Bizmedia, was looking for a strong and innovative image that would define their position but how can you stand out in a sector saturated with other freelancers and agencies?
After an analysis of their competitors and a workshop focused on their prospects, we detected that confidence is the main driver in choosing this type of agency. In Bizmedia’s case, this confidence is earned by implementing a methodology that enables them to collaborate closely with their client as if were their in-house department.

This offers the client the guarantee that Bizmedia will communicate on this very personalized basis and can propose multiple client-oriented ideas with visible results.
Inspired by this symbiosis, we created a corporate image made of different pieces that combines a deep understanding of the client (mint) with the feminine, creative touch of the company founder (bordeaux). A perfect tandem that assures the client that the tweets, posts and engagement will be successful and yet successfully conforms to the corporate image.