Posted on: May 25, 2022

Product trend alert: Mood Foods

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Product trend alert: Mood Foods

As we mentioned in our previous post, and as we have all seen in our daily lives, the impact of covid has generated many stress-related problems within our society. Given all this, the market has seen a growing demand for food and beverage products which have been conceived with the objective of reducing consumers’ levels of stress-related issues. Stay with us to learn about the strategies that are driving the boom of what have come to be known as Mood Foods:

Our studies on this topic have allowed us to identify the key to generating products, packaging and campaigns that cater to this demand. All this has arisen in order not only to address this growing need for solutions to health-related issues, but also to revolutionise the use of beneficial ingredients.

But first of all, what are Mood Foods? Developed from the idea of “food as medicine”, Mood Foods are products formulated with ingredients that help with different negative states of mood frequently associated with stress, alleviating their related symptoms such as insomnia or anxiety. Kava roots, functional mushrooms or CBD are a few of the ingredients that have been introduced in a large number of products such as beverages, teas, and bars, and even sweet and savoury snacks, among others.

Mood Foods Pointbleu design Mood Foods Pointbleu DesignExploring alternative products: when it comes to leisure activities, alcohol is no longer invited. Proven to be the source of both physical and mental health problems, there is a long list of products that have arisen, of which many allow consumers to keep enjoying the fun ritual of social drinking, without any negative after-effects. As a result, there has been a lot of buzz around the numerous possibilities out there, though the legal framework of each territory and the supply of transparent information to the consumers are two new factors we must take into consideration.

The potential of mood-boosting ingredients: They are not only used on special occasions, but they are beginning to be present throughout our day. Products such as coffees with different amino acids, or chocolates with kava are now commonplace in daily life. It is essential to be clear with the client regarding the use of these products, by detailing their dosage, bioavailability, and benefits.

Present from morning to night: As we mentioned, these products are increasingly present. However, always stress the idea that they adapt to our routine and provide daily benefits. At breakfast and dinner, or even as a snack, there is always room to improve our mood through what we eat.

With all this in mind, we conclude that the key points to consider when developing and adapting to this trend are the following:

Mood foods Pointbleu designTransparency should be held first and foremost, it is never pleasant to consume something from which we do not obtain any benefit. Being clear with the client is the first step.

Strengthening education around food and beverages will always be a good strategy, as well as promoting and establishing the optimal use of the product.

The lines of action are endless, and continue to be discovered every day. Exploring new ingredients, formulas and formats is essential, do not limit yourself, be creative and imaginative!

Finally, with the climate in the spotlight, it is essential not only that the product takes care of the customer, but also meets demands for environmental, climatic and social sustainability, and any product which hits these marks will get you points that are not to be missed!

Don’t be late, jump into the Mood Foods trend with these steps! At Pointbleu Design, we are excitedly waiting for new products to come into the market. Will they be yours?


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