Mcdonald’s Unveils MacCoins for the Big Mac’s 50th

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For over six decades, McDonald’s has been revolutionizing the fast food world. While the company’s original founders, the McDonald brothers, started off by serving good quality, affordable hamburgers, over the years the brand has come to define how people across the world eat.
The Big Mac especially, has evolved into a cultural icon. Invented 50 years ago by Jim Delligatti in Pennsylvania, today this super-sandwich has achieved the status of an internationally recognized culinary delight! In 2007, the Big Mac Museum Restaurant was established in Pennsylvania as a tribute to the burger’s remarkable success. It acquired its unique celebrity status when The Economist published the Big Mac Index, an annual report that compared Big Mac prices in various countries to measure their purchasing power.

Now that the Big Mac is completing its half century milestone, McDonald’s has decided to honour its iconic burger by creating its very own currency inspired by the Big Mac. On the occasion of Big Mac’s 50th anniversary, the company unveiled MacCoins, a global currency that can be redeemed at participating restaurants across the world for a free McDonald’s Big Mac.

More than 6 million limited edition coins will be distributed globally to McDonald’s customers until the end of 2018. Participating outlets are spread out across more than 50 countries around the world.

MacCoins are available in five unique designs. While one side of every coin marks the occasion of the Big Mac’s 50th birthday, the other side represents key features of one of the five decades of the Big Mac’s existence:
• The 1970s – for its flower power
• The 1980s – for its pop art
• The 1990s – for its bold, abstract shapes
• The 2000s – for the way technology was at the forefront at the turn of the century
• The 2010s – for the evolution of communication
The occasion of the Big Mac’s landmark anniversary happens to coincide with what would have been Jim Delligatti’s 100th birthday. To mark both events, McDonald’s also unveiled a special sculpture, titled “What a Bright Idea” on the day of the anniversary. Lit up by neon lights, the monument depicted a Big Mac inside a glowing light bulb.
It is true that the grand celebration of the Big Mac is unprecedented in the history of the F&B industry. However, it is equally true that no other fast food snack has been able to contend with the reach of this internationally famed burger.


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