Posted on: Nov 15, 2022

SIAL 2022

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SIAL 2022 just finished and left with it many new and interesting discoveries for us who work in the packaging and branding industry to delight ourselves. From new technologies, and ingredients to products let’s unpack together what will bring us the future of the food industry!


In a moment where we are facing a double crisis due to the climate and cost of living consumers are more than ever demanding new solutions that help them save costs at home but also are environmentally friendly. In the meantime, the feeling of safety through food has raised the sales of comfort food in the first two months of 2022, higher than in 2019. Let’s tap into this one.


We are now long craving comfort food. In fact, the pandemic accentuated the eagerness for feeling safe by digging into familiar flavours. This craving has now evolved into an appeal for environmentally friendly global flavours. We are talking about waterless milk, sauces, dips, or other ideas such as energy-efficient recipes that need zero or little energy to cook.

environmental friendly food solutions at sial 2022


Frozen food is one of the sectors that is innovating the most combining global comfort recipes from around the world to meet the demand for comforting, nostalgic food and snacks.

The endless frozen pizza is now into new mashups like the Korean-style pizza wrap, high-quality toppings such as kimchi or Easy Pocket formats with Indian flavours such as tandoori and desi paneer. Frima, the frozen French brand, created tacos filled with chicken and French fries (yep) mixed with several sauces and wrapped in a wheat flour tortilla.

comfort food seen at sial 2022


Sometimes when we write about new trends there are to futuristics to be good but here there are! The so-called Climate hero ingredients are here. At SIAL there were many algae options to help deliver nutritious and sustainable products. Spirulina spreads, bubble tea to-go or flash-frozen duckweed achieved the silver award at Sial Innovation. But this isn’t all. Fermented solutions and natural ingredients such as mycelium and other botanicals with well-known health properties are here to stay.

Citric flavours with vitamin C are moving into condiments and snacks like fermented kumquat and honey snacks or asparagus and yuzu spread we also can find healthy combinations of herbal tea recipes and plant waters of Hildegarde de Bigen or fruit Kefir from l’Atelier du ferment in France.

climate hero ingredients


Instant powder or self-heating drinks are doing the trick for those consumers that look for products that reflect their values including climate awareness, convenience, provenance, and mood-boosting among others.

Waterless drink formats such as sachets with carbonated powders or even fine teas help to reduce carbon footprint. Others like pouches or cans are ready to drink, and even self-heating packs elevate the drinking experience by easing the preparation of Mate or cocktails with frozen ingredients that preserves their natural flavour while keeping your drink cold.

Different format packagins seen at sial 2022

As you can see the future is already here and embrace climate hero ingredients, help to reduce costs and the carbon print is a fact with a touch of nostalgic an comforting food. And you, which are the novelties that make you tinkle? We are all ears!

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