Forget Millennial Pink, Hello Gen Z Yellow!

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Till very recently, millennial pink was ‘the colour of the year’. For months, perhaps years now, the millennial favourite ‘Pink’ could be seen everywhere, in everything. Be it fashion brands, consumer goods, technology or home décor, everything was engulfed in bright, rose-hued pinks. However, it seems the millennial pink fatigue has finally caught on.

The Gen Z’ers (those born between 1990s and the 2000s) have bought forward a new colour trend. It is endearing being referred to as “Gen Z Yellow” and has stolen the spotlight this year! This fresher hue is showing up everywhere and beyond. If Millennial Pink is the cool, trendy girl who clicks carefully curated pictures with stylish backdrops and artwork, Gen-Z yellow can be described as her bolder, more carefree version, someone who lives her life spontaneously. While she is effortless, her need to be noticed is obvious. This marked difference depicts evolution from the nostalgic millennial pink to yellow that represents ambition and vitality.

Interestingly, this colour trend does not have a defined tone palette nor does it represent any one particular shade. In fact, it covers several shades ranging from fluorescent and canary to buttercream and melted butter and beyond. It is hard to resist the positivity and fun vibe Gen-Z Yellow brings.

It is no wonder then there are a number of brands from various industries seen utilizing this trend in to make their packaging even more enticing!

For Terra Varde, a Brazilian company selling honey makes for a bold statement with its yellow and black packaging. Not only does the bright yellow colour make the packaging stand out on the shelves, it also cleverly references the classic honeybee colour scheme.

The Food Field, a local organic market in Mexico understands the crucial role played by a strong brand identity. Its bright yellow packaging radiates happy vibes reflecting the store’s ethos as well as the company’s commitment to healthy products.

In the world of cosmetics dominated by the colour white, Makeup brand ASARAI comes across as a breath of fresh air with its bright and sunny packaging, aimed at bringing some quirk into an oversaturated market.

These are just a few examples of a diverse range of brands that have adopted the Gen-Z Yellow. We have no doubt that the Yellow trend is here to stay and is definitely going to shine bright all throughout this spring and summer. What can we say? Just in time!


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