Emotional Branding and How to Aced It

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As the name suggests, Emotional Branding is all about linking your brand messaging with human emotions to develop a long-lasting relationship with consumers. Emotional Branding is what sets you apart from others, through a brand message that triggers an emotional connect with the audience. It is the one thing that when done right, will motivate your audience to engage with you and you alone. It will develop a cult-like following for your brand, making your audience devoted to you for life. What you charge or what your competitors charge will cease to be relevant. Once the user is emotionally connected to a brand, they do not look for replacements. Reason being, people in general, do not like to adapt to anything new and try to avoid the unknown. While this makes it all the more difficult for competitors to break into consumer minds, it turns out to be a wonderful thing for the brand in question!

So, that brings us to the question, what do some brands do to ensure on-point Emotional Branding? They focus on developing relationships. They find ways to sell their products in ways that reaches out to their target market’s emotional needs. In the case of Motorola’s latest ad campaign, they’ve attempted to do that by warning the consumers of the dangers of misusing the very product they sell – smartphones! That’s not unheard of though – alcohol and cigarette brands have been doing it for years. Motorola’s taken the moral high ground by bringing to its consumers’ notice an increasingly visible issue – the ‘Smartphone addiction’. Sounds familiar?

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the brand has released a pair of new ads that delve deeper into this issue, bringing their consumers face to face with a problem most of us would rather not admit to or address. The first of the two ads features a life-like mannequin placed in various high-traffic locations in Manhattan with its eyes glued to the cell phone in its hand. Only when people come closer do they realize it may not be real and that’s when their attention is drawn to the message on its smartphone that reads – “How many times a day do you look like this?”. The 2nd ad is as relatable, only more poignant.

It shows Americans holidaying in various beautiful and exotic locations around the world, but instead of enjoying it there, their attention is focussed on their smartphone screens. The realization of this reality makes one sad, yet respectful towards the brand for bringing it to the forefront.

It is noteworthy how beautifully Motorola establishes itself as a brand that genuinely cares about its consumers and we’re sure that’s the emotion that will strike a chord with its audience. The brand communication is not focussed on selling Motorola’s phones; instead it urges people to re-examine their smartphone behavior. With the aim to communicate that a better phone-life balance makes us happier and more connected to the people and environment around us, their latest ad campaign is a masterstroke in emotional branding. It is surely prove to be a step forward in strengthening Motorola’s loyal tribe of followers further.


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