The Hottest Logo Design Trends for the Year

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In a world where businesses are constantly vying with each other to capture customers’ attention, a meaningful and eye-catching logo can have a significant impact on one’s success. A logo is not just what customers remember you by; it also defines your public brand perception.

While a good logo can make or break one’s business, the purpose of a logo goes beyond merely catching eyeballs. It must be consistent with what one’s brand stands for. After all, one’s logo is the face of the company. At the same time, it must also be in alignment with current logo design trends, to avoid looking outdated. This year’s hottest logo designs are a mix of new fads and good old classic designs:

1. Variable Logos
If your business is one that caters to a multitude of audiences, you would need an adaptable and dynamic logo. Such logos vary to a certain extent in colours, images and patterns, depending on the customer they are targeting. Yet, they stay true to one’s brand identity.

Russia’s Perm Opera Ballet Theatre’s logo transitions between different colours and designs, depending on their current stage production.

2. Minimalism
Simple and basic logo design is a trend that has an everlasting appeal. Minimalist logos break down your brand to its basics, striving to communicate the essence of what it stands for.

3. New Age Geometry
While basic geometric shapes have always been popular, this year designers are taking this logo design trend one step further by combining it with colourful palettes. A case in point is the Mastercard logo, which shows the company’s forward thinking, human-centered approach through two overlapping circles in bright colours.

4. Storytelling through Colours
This new logo trend recognizes the fact that colours can be an effective way of communicating brand identity. It uses bright colours to evoke a feeling of positivity. The selection of colours is aligned to customer psychology and the emotional message they convey to our minds. For instance, warm colours evoke happiness, while blue colours make one feel calm.

5. Elevated Negative Space
Ingenious and artistic, this design trend has managed to consistently hold its place among changing logo designs. While the focus may have moved from shapes to text, the appeal of this logotype lies in the way images are hidden within or between letters. A classic example of negative space is the logo of FedEx which shows a ‘forward moving company’ through the arrow hidden between E and X.

While adopting new logo fads might seem like the ‘it’ thing to do, incorporating a time-bound trend may lead one to be stuck with a logo design that ceases to be relevant in the future. To avoid the risk of rebranding and losing brand recall, it helps to go for a design with a long-lasting appeal.



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