How to Make a Brand Promise and Keep It

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What is a Brand Promise
Each brand promises something it to its consumers. This is called the brand’s promise which goes beyond just delivering products and services. The brand promise offers a tangible benefit that differentiates it from its competitors.

The brand promise is something so up there, that the customers develop expectations from the brand based on it. It instills a sense of trust in their mind that the brand will live up to the promise in every customer interaction.

How to make a brand promise
When devising your brand promise, it is imperative to ensure that it conveys a real-world benefit to your consumers; something that they foresee as practical and achievable. Remember, your brand promise is something that has to come through in every single customer interaction. It must be conveyed in an impactful manner that is convincing.

Your brand promise Must Must Must be authentic and believable! We cannot stress enough on its importance. Today’s consumers are savvy, updated and more demanding than ever in their thirst for authenticity. Marketing doesn’t put them off; gimmicks do. They are happy to indulge your marketing endeavors as long as the messaging behind it is genuine.

Lastly, promise what you can deliver. It is essential that your customers believe you can fulfill your brand promise and they know they can rely on you to do so. Don’t bit off more than what you can chew. Know your limitations, identify your strengths and play to them.

Keeping the Brand Promise and its advantagesAs a brand, if you can stay true to your brand promise and keep it going in every aspect of your business, then there, you’ve secured your place as a serious brand. Your customers are more likely to trust you and talk about your brand positively. They become loyalists and advocates of your brand without the use of any paid PR. In today’s dynamic world of social media, there’s no parallel to buzz creation resulting from words of praise bestowed on social media by loyal consumers who genuinely believe in your brand and its promise.

The downside of Not keeping it!A majority of times, a company that fails to deliver on its promise, slowly but surely loses its reputation and subsequently sales. There are a large number of brand promise failures that happen all the time. An apt example of this is Mercedes when it went through such a phase a couple of years ago – it launched a low-end (Read cheap) model of Mercedes. Its brand loyalists were not pleased.

Delivering on your brand promise is what fosters deep, meaningful relationships with your clients. That trust translates into loyalty and a mutually beneficial relationship between a brand and its customers. A brand promise is one of the most important components of a successful brand story.
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