Brand Archetypes – What, Why, How

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A brand archetype represents the brand’s driving force, what it stands for and what motivates it. It is what cements the bond between the consumers and their loved brands. The basis of a strong brand is set on a well-defined brand archetype.
Think about what it is that you love the most about your favourite brands. That indescribable quality that attracts you to them in the first place is by no means a coincidence or a stroke of luck. As a casual consumer, you may dismiss it as unintentional. However, the truth is, there is a consciously put together positioning strategy behind it. To quote a few examples – Nike and the sense of greatness it evokes every time you view one of its advertisements, Victoria Secret’s lingerie that fuels the seductive side of you or Coke with its ever inspiring sense of nostalgia. The point is, if you find yourself relating to and being loyal to certain brands, it is because you are forging a connection with their brand archetype.

As a marketer, you can use your brand archetype for positioning your brand in the minds of the consumers the way you want to. It is essential to establish this so that you can clearly define the way you want people to view your brand, the role you wish to play in their lives and the story you want to tell them about you. More often than not, you would need the help of someone on the outside who can look at your brand through an eagle’s eye and offer a balanced perspective. Getting this aspect of branding right is an essential stepping stone to improving your brand and your customer relationship.

We at PointBleu Design help our clients tell their brand stories in the best possible way by uncovering what their brand stands for. In our collaboration with Croatian brand Cedevita, we stayed true to its Brand Archetype (Jester), ensuring that its packaging design reflected all things fun, communicating an enticing message to its customers. Another example is our work for Finnish brand, Saarioinen. We redesigned their classic range of ready-to-eat casseroles, while keeping their core brand archetype (caregiver) at the centre of our design scheme, thus ensuring that their care for tradition and quality clearly reflected in the packaging design. As you can see possibilities are limitless and choosing the right archetype for your brand can be an easy way to define your brand personality and keep it coherent in all media.


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