Posted on: Jul 25, 2019

How Brands are Empowering Women

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Talks of women’s empowerment and events celebrating their achievements have been doing the rounds for over a century now. Today, there are a number of brands around the world, championing the fight for women’s rights. Here’s our pick of the top 5 brands that we believe truly walk the talk as far as gender equality is concerned:

Elizabeth Arden has been empowering women from way before it was considered cool. It was in 1912 that the brand famously handed out its red lipsticks to the suffragettes marching on the iconic Fifth Avenue in New York. Back then, wearing a red lipstick was far from being socially acceptable and for the same reason, it served as an emblem of women’s movement. More than a hundred years later and its Annual ‘March On’ Campaign is still going strong in empowering women. All proceeds from the campaign are donated to UN Women, an organization working towards gender equality. This year, moving away from the customary red lipstick, the iconic brand has teamed up with actress Reese Witherspoon to launch a coral pink lipstick, symbolizing the evolution of women’s freedom of expression and achievements over the years!

Last year, Smirnoff teamed up with audio streaming platform, Spotify in a clever partnership aimed at reducing the gender bias in the music industry. Certain data from Spotify indicated that none of the top streaming tracks from the year before were by women artists and bands. The two brands then came together to create the ‘Smirnoff Equalizer’that analyzed the percentage of female and male artists that were streamed on Spotify in the past six months. Based on these findings, it recommended a new, more equalized playlist with equal number of tracks by both men and women, in an effort to get more people to listen to women.

 “So, if they wanna call you crazy, fine. Show them what crazy can do. It’s only crazy until you do it”. These three lines sum up everything about the latest Nike campaign, ‘Dream Crazier’. Yet again at the top of its game, the brand’s women’s empowerment campaign is so much more than just about celebrating competitive women athletes. It is about encouraging women to get into sports and more importantly, it is all about unapologetically championing every woman who adopts an active lifestyle. Undeniably, nobody does it better than Nike. Wanna bet? Watch the Dream Crazier video here.

Mars-owned candy brand, Dove Chocolate has partnered with non-profit organization, CARE to support women entrepreneurs in Africa. They’ve opened a new marketplace in the cocoa-growing African village of Gueyo, with the objective of providing its women, a platform to sell their products as well as space to organize meetings. The overarching idea is to create financial independence for the village women and reinvest in their cocoa-growing businesses.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, dating app, Tinderannounced a number of initiatives supporting women’s empowerment. Starting this year, Tinder is offering free advertisingworth $1 million to non-profits, included those that support women. An organization called, ‘She’s the First’ that works towards bringing about gender equality through education, is one of the first beneficiaries of this program. Further, Tinder has launched a new internship program with 65% of the intern vacancies reserved for women, in an effort to create a more gender-balanced workplace. We’ll save the best for the last – Tinder has managed to address one of the most important equality disruptors of today’s times, the elephant in the room – gender-based pay inequality! The dating app has emerged as one of the companies that have no pay discrepancies attributed to gender. Take a bow, Tinder!

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