Why Brands are Adopting Black Packaging

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Have you noticed how off-late the color Black has made its way into the packaging designs of a varied range of brands? From the looks of it, the shift is finally happening – Black is back! Think about it. Whether it is grocery shelves, skincare products, beverages or even pet foods, Black is everywhere. It is by no means a newly discovered packaging trend though; According to an article, the brand Smartfood Popcorn adopted Black more than a decade back in 2006. However, such instances were few and far between back then. Good news marketers – after years and years of pristine whites dominating all kinds of packaging, Black finally takes center-stage!  If you do a quick search for Black packaging on Pinterest, you’ll find hoards and hoards of interesting designs all in Black.

Black is a color of power, symbolizing authority, wealth, sophistication and much more. As per some marketers, Black’s new-found popularity can be attributed to the fact that people want premium products at a low cost. And nothing spells ‘premium’ like Black does. Let’s delve into this point further. For example, someone who is unable to afford a high-end premium car would not mind buying a slightly more premium Beer if that means experiencing an aspirational product without breaking the bank.

Even tonics are embracing this trend, see for example, Black Tonic, launched by Atlantic Grupa last year with significantly success in the Balkans Market.

Belgium based Anheuser-Busch InBev introduced a Black Beer bottle with a Black label for its brand, Beck’s Sapphire. Ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs also introduced its Gelato line in black containers. It is all about new ways to project affordable luxury.

While previously, skin-care brands favored White packaging to convey ‘clean’ and ‘clinical’, now a days a lot of new-age skin-care products come dressed in Black. Some of them specifically choose Black to convey luxury. There are some that use Black to convey information that a product is supposed to be used at night. Not too long back, when Loreal launched a new range of shampoos and conditioners, it chose to do so in sleek black bottles.

Black is a color when used in packaging evokes a sense of grandeur, mystery and elegance.  It undoubtedly adds a dimension of enhanced perceived value to any packaging. After years and years of White dominating the world of packaging, Black has returned as one of the key trends in packaging design. We are thrilled that it is getting its due and can’t wait to see how brands incorporate it in their future packaging!

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