What Attracts Gen Z to Brands

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There’s nothing that hasn’t already been said about Gen Z that could make for a worthy introduction here. Having grown up in a very different environment from its predecessor, Gen Z holds itself distinct from all its previous generations, both in its choice of career as well as brands. A majority of Gen Zers have an entrepreneurial mind-set and an innate desire to create something beyond their income – to positively contributing towards the world at large, even if it means having to step out of their comfort zone.  This underlying value is well reflected in their choice of brands as well. Gen Zers admire brands that believe in contributing to something larger over and above profit margins. American Automotive & Energy Company, Tesla is one such brand that produces Electric Vehicles instead of the regular fuel vehicles infamous for adding to the growing Air Pollution. Tesla is immensely popular amongst Gen Zers, not only because of its environmental consciousness but also its focus on innovation. Madrid based fashion brand, Ecoalf, although smaller in its scale of operation as compared to Tesla, shares the same intrinsic values. It is hugely popular amongst Spanish Gen Zers owing to its use of recycled plastic and materials in its product creation.

Considering Gen Zers appreciate simplicity and comfort, there are a number of vintage brands such as Converse and Vans on the most-preferred list of this young breed of people. What further appeals to Gen Z about these brands is their long standing reputation of being trustworthy, affordable and high-quality. That said, it is equally true that Gen Zers prefer convenience over classic. Vintage or not, they prioritize brands that make their lives easier. And because they are a generation more prone to risk-taking than their predecessors, they are open to trying out new products and services. That explains why brands such as Uber and its Spanish counterpart, Glovo are being tried and liked by their Gen Z customers. These brands are able to successfully attract Gen Z by catering On-demand, which is a big criterion for the younger consumers with the expectation of having everything available now.

This Gen Z, they are a peculiar lot no doubt but their heart is in the right place! Brands need to realise there lies a huge, untapped opportunity in wooing this innovation-breathing, technology-loving generation and more importantly perhaps it is time we appreciate that a focus on sustainability and innovation is really the only way to thrive in the future.












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