Posted on: Jul 29, 2022

Summer Packaging trends: high-end products

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After years of quarantine and restrictions, the consumption of food and beverages at home has changed, giving rise to new innovations that have been adapted to our daily lives. These range from simple ready-to-eat options, to those of international cuisines. Stay with us to find out all about it.

The Specialty Food Association has made it clear that there is a solid demand for high-end products, and according to their forecast, it will continue to rise. This product range includes limited editions, gourmet products or elaborate culinary creations. However, in times of uncertainty, and with the rise in the cost of living, why is  demand for such products increasing?

To find the answer to this question, all we must do is remember the last quarantine, where creativity played a fundamental role in our daily lives. The trend of home culinary exploration generated the appearance of innovative, unique, and restaurant-worthy products. These have been adapted to the new needs of consumers, generating the following trends that will influence our food choices this summer:


Lifetime products, as well as those that bring out our most gluttonous side, have been adapted to make our daily lives  healthier. The plant-based hurricane is here to stay, and we can find vegan alternatives for almost any product. All this is accompanied by a fun and very striking packaging, hinting at the revolutionary nature of their contents. One such example is that of GrownAs *Foods, whose vegan line of prepared pasta carries a head-turning design.


On the other side of the scale, we find another trend: flavour explosions with a twist. We might have known about the truffle, but gourmet products now go further than ever, generating unimaginable flavour combinations. The serious and exclusive tone of this trend is accompanied by darker packaging and elegant designs. Brands like the Greek-American Kosterina offer dressings combined such that no one could have seen them coming, including chocolate balsamic vinegar. In addition, the designs of their bottles reflect the exclusivity of their product.



As we discussed a few weeks ago on the blog, the growing concern for health led to an increase in the number of non-alcoholic beverages on the market, which go far beyond simple soft drinks. Not content with just being tasty, these functional drinks come in a wide range of varieties, with anything from 0.0 beers to kombucha now wrangling to cater to the most diverse of tastes. It is important that they have a characteristic image, which often includes just a simple, summer-inspired design, but can also involve the use of elaborate illustrations. In this trend, colour and endless originality draw the consumer in, providing a feast for the eyes.


As we have seen, using groundbreaking design to seduce our consumers is a key tactic. When it comes to products that are not always on their shopping list, this is even more important. The range of possibilities is huge, and at Pointbleu, we don’t want to miss anything. Find out everything on our blog!

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